Understanding E.D. (Impotence)

Understanding E.D. (Impotence)

Psychosocial and Relationship Issues in Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Patrick J. DiMeo, BSN, RN, OCN

An intimate relationship between two people is very personal and private. When a man has Erectile Dysfunction, it may affect and/or change his relationship with himself and his partner(s). The man may be embarrassed and even feel guilty, making it difficult to talk to his partner about this issue. ED has a direct impact on how it affects a man’s life and marriage. It is suggested that ED is involved in one in five failed marriages (Wespes et al., 2002). ED not only affects the man but his partner as well. Table 1 lists quotes from men in the author’s clinical experience when describing how ED was affecting their lives. These quotes cannot be quantified but the impact is tremendous.

Partner Relationship

A common issue among couples dealing with Erectile Dysfunction starts with failures of sexual advances. This can have an effect on issues of trust, intimacy, and closeness. The man withdraws emotionally and physically because of fear of failure. The partner starts to believe that the man is losing interest in her, thereby impacting self-esteem and feelings of attractiveness. In reality, the man is not losing interest but may be manifesting signs of frustration and humiliation of not being able to complete the sex act. Many men think it is inappropriate to need nurturance, admit that he needs a hug, or seek affection. So, they frequently do without the comfort and emotional support often more available for women. When a man cannot perform intercourse and satisfy his own and his partner’s sexual needs, he can feel devastated and very much alone. From this cascade of events, the couple starts to alienate themselves emotionally and physically (Roy & Allen, 2004).

Partners who measure their self-esteem, femininity, and desirability by how men respond to their sexuality are particularly vulnerable to fears of abandonment and rejection. Men’s emotional detachment feeds into these fears. Partners may worry that their mates may be impotent with them, but potent with another person, leaving them with fantasies of betrayal and infidelity. This issue can drive a couple apart because of fears and misconceptions when in reality the couple needs to communicate (LoPiccolo, 1999).

When a man or a woman loses a loving sexual relationship due to Erectile Dysfuction, either or both individuals may choose to withhold their partner from any other type of sexual experience. After experiencing the pain associated with rejection and lack of empathy from their partner, men and women will divert their attention to other matters in order to compensate for the loss of their sexual partner. Sometimes potency problems are a screen for more serious emotional or relationship issues. At this point, there may be other relationship issues between the couple that take priority before focusing on ED issues. This is an appropriate time for a man or the couple to be referred to a marriage counselor or sex therapist. Even the most sophisticated couples can benefit from opening lines of communication about sex and learning how best to utilize their functional capabilities (Padma-Nathan et al., 1997). Counseling may be able to rekindle the romance and redirect energies into the relationship.

Social/Work Relationships

ED affects not only the relationship with his partner but may also affect how the man interacts with friends and co-workers. A man may lose his confidence, his enjoyment in life, and morale. Outwardly, a man might project a macho image but inside may not feel like he measures up (Tomlinson & Wright, 2004).

Productivity at work can also decrease because of lack of self-esteem and confidence. The co-worker/social relationship can change based upon the attitude of each person and how each deals with the issue. Because ED is not discussed openly, a man may feel isolated and alone.

From another perspective, difficulties at work can factor into problems with Erectile Dysfunction. Most men view their careers as the center of their lives. When an unfavorable or difficult situation affects their careers, a man may see himself as a failure. Not moving up the chain of command, becoming financially sound, or getting the respect of peers can affect a man’s sex life. Any monetary setback can affect a man’s self-worth because today’s society views that as a measure of success. If a man is not performing well at work, he may find it difficult to perform well in the bedroom (Jack, 2005).

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The surprising thing for most men to learn is, if you suffer from the inability  to have sexual intercourse (or what is now politically correctly called:   erectile dysfunction), you do not need some pill, drug, injection,   medication, special remedy or treatment. The fact is, all of those things can   make the condition worse in the long run. There are many that would like you   to believe that some special treatment is necessary.  But, impotence is one of the conditions that   has one of the best historys of clearing up completely with simple natural lifestyle changes. Outside of a major disease, There Are Only Three Significant Causes Of Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction are Inadequate Nutrition, Chronic Stress, Prescription Drugs. All psychological causes of impotence also stem from those three causes. 98% of all impotence can be cleared up when those three sources of impotence are addressed. And that holds true for clearing up 98% of the diseases that cause impotence and every kind of erectile dysfunction. Does this all sound too simple? Surely there must be something much more to it! Well, there isn’t.

Every pharmaceutical company has developed at least one product designed to give you an erection. They tell you it is what you need. They make loads of money on these products because sex is the #1 best selling commodity in the world! Everybody wants it. Erectile drugs are a multi-billion dollar business! The crime in all of this is, most sexual stimulants weaken your sexual system by forcing it to perform when it is already weakened and depleted.

None Of The Commercial Treatments Cure Impotence

They simply stimulate a system that is too weak or clogged up to perform on it’s own. When you get an erection from some pill you are not cured. You are one step further on your way to complete sexual exhaustion and possibly physical death from heart attack or stroke. Not to mention possible blindness. All those side effects are listed by the manufacturers of the more potent pharmaceuticals. So, you better really enjoy that chemical erection! It’s a potential time bomb.

Why do you think the possible listed side effects of the major drugs are heart attack, stroke, and blindness? It is because you are forcing a tired weak system to perform. If you push it harder than it can stand, blood vessels literally explode from the pressure. Literally causing stroke, heart attack, blindness.

The Cause of Impotence

Outside of disease, the cause of impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is that your body is not recharging adequately. Or, the blood supply is not sufficient. Or, you’re being impaired by prescription drug side effects. That’s all there is to it. Those three things account for about 98% of all impotence.

This condition is currently epidemic. It is estimated that approximately 40% of the male population over 40 year of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. That’s absurd! But, true. The drugs and stimulants are not a cure for impotence (or sexual fatigue). They do not eliminate the cause of impotence.

Over Time, Erectile Stimulants Make Impotence Worse

If you continually whip a tired horse to make it run, it starts to require harder and harder whipping to run. Eventually, when the horse has no energy reserves left, it hemorrhages and dies. The same can happen to you. 98% of Impotence Is Totally Reversible You just have to stop doing all the things that caused your problem here and start nourishing your body as nature intended. It’s really that simple. Impotence, erectile dysfunction, “ED”, is sexual chronic fatigue.

Let’s take a look at some sexual reality: Immediately after ejaculation, do you desire sex again? Of course not. Your sexual energy is spent. Your body needs to recuperate. That may take you 20 minutes, a day, 3 days, a week…. Then you want sex again!

But, there was that period in between ejaculations when you were indifferent to sex or didn’t want sex. Maybe you could not even get an erection during that time. Even if you tried. When your body was recharged (with more semen and sperm) you were ready to go again! Were you impotent until then? No, your body was just in normal recouperation. Like after a swim or a run. Do athletes compete 24hrs. a day? Of course not! Everyone knows they need time to rest and recouperate.

The effects of erectile dysfunction on relationships and one’s own psychosocial health can be devastating. The good news is that in most cases, it need not be so.

A vast selection of ED treatments and remedies offer immediate results. As the dangers of synthetic sex pills becomes apparent, huge numbers of men were introduced to the reality that herbal alternatives offer the benefits without the potential risk.  This combined with the shortcomings of Nationalized Health Care have led to consistent growth in herbal treatment and herbal medicine sales in the United States.


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